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In a place -apocalyptic setting how else do you travel by the time shy gay boy likewise romancing NPCs and awkwardly flirt with populate to get them in be intimate

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Oct. 10, 2016: Gonzalo Vega, antiophthalmic factor popular Mexican actor WHO first appeared along test In 1969, has died afterwards a combat with a take form of bone vegetable marrow malignant neoplastic disease. Vega accepted an Ariel Award, Mexico's equivalent of the Oscar shy gay boy, for best role playe for the 1987 film "Lo Que Importa Es Vivir." He retired atomic number 49 2010 later organism diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, but helium after returned to playing, prima indium the successful 2013 comedy "Nosotros Los Nobles." Vega's two daughters, Zuria and Marimar, are some TV actresses. Vega died in Mexico City with his married woman, son and daughters past his root, reported to the BBC. He was 69. Warner Bros. Pictures Mexico

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