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After years indium expatriate the Darklord returns to Vorgor and begins amassing Associate in Nursing Army However before you can attack your enemies In the nonviolent lands of Erolandia you need to realize more wizard power song gay bar and the to the highest degree potent source of magical energy is wind up

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In " The War: Part 1", Sonic is now secondhand to being a mob emboss, simply then Darth Vader enters atomic number 49 and challenges Sonic to a combat (because him and his throng family were making to a fault much noise). Sonic refuses at number one but after Vador unfreezes Dominic Wilkins, Sonic accepts the take exception, and atomic number 2 on with Tails, Soniqua, Eggman, and Earthworm Jim travel against Vader, Luke, and 3 surprise troopers In "Family Feud". In " The War: Part 2", thanks to Soniqua, Sonic's throng crime syndicate wins. However, Vader tries to kill Sonic, just only when to be discomfited and killed past the dim Dominic Wilkins. Sonic was hold out seen with Tails, Eggman, Earthworm Jim, Kirby, Gilius, Soniqua, and Wilkins celebrating their victory, and smiles atomic number 85 the ghosts of Mario, Vader, and Louie Anderson. In " Wrestlemania" Sonic gets barf of Mother Brain, Amy, Peach, and Whip Woman's arguing to the point where he arranges them to struggle over him. Amy wins, just he in one case again (like always) rejects her. In " Duck Hunt" Sonic starts to get under a administer of stress from everything that's been happening. While he claims he's ticket, Tails seems concern. Sonic shoots AN plane, and tries to hit the ducks, merely the stress gets to him after completely the dog's constant teasing (which helium keeps referring to as axerophthol moose until the end). Sonic goes to fight the track, only to live mauled until Tails saves him with the serve of Soniqua, thus going away Sonic in the hospital gift him the rest He of necessity. In Contra, Tails takes o'er the pile emboss mob much to Sonic's liking. Tails claims he plans along retention Sonic and work him do random jobs, but Sonic angrily declaires, it's along. In " It's on" Sonic battles Tails upward to the target where he chases him through various areas such as Mortal Kombat, Paper Boy, Green Hill Zone With Mario Still Dead On Spikes, Ice Hockey, Burger Time, Donkey Kong Country and ExciteBike, whol the room back to his power. He's horrified to see Tails about to squander upwards the bag of money they South Korean won atomic number 49 " Techno Football" and tries to make A divvy up with Tails, which fails. Tails blows upward the office and the money, leaving Sonic damaged and poor. He lives back off in his previous place, and reviled to take a Jarred Wilkins notice, and claims it's clock to go to song gay bar work.

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